droneshield protect airports

DroneShield Protects Airports from Potential Collisions with Drones:

In 15 cases over the past two years, drones flew dangerously close to airports or passenger aircraft, including incidents in New York and Los Angeles, according to reports submitted to the FAA. A NASA database of confidential complaints filed by pilots and air-traffic controllers has recorded 50 other reports of close calls or improper flight
operations involving drones over the past decade. The problem is worsening just as the federal government is preparing to lift barriers that could flood the country’s already congested skies with thousands of remotely controlled aircraft.


DroneShield is drone detection and warning system deployed around exterior perimeters of airports and heliports and is loaded with a signature database of drone models available around the world. DroneShield provides advance notice of drones in the vicinity of airports and heliports. Alerts are sent digitally or over the radio and can be linked to alarm and security response teams. Data is preserved for subsequent legal proceedings.


• Provide advanced warning when a drone is launched near an airport
• Alert security personnel to location of drone and operator
• Integratesinto existing operating pictures via IP or radio communications

Recent Examples:

• NYPD: Drones flown towards NYPD helicopter (New York, 2014)
• FAA: U.S. Airliner Nearly Collided With Drone in March (Florida, 2014)
• Air Canada reports near miss with quadcopter (Vancouver, 2014)
• Mystery drone near JFK airport, FBI seeks public’s help (March, 2013)


Power: Fixed installation 120v or 12v in-line security camera power supply
Comms: Secure WIFI, GSM/GPRS, wired ethernet, or dry contact relays
Detects: Hobbyist- and commercial-grade drones (Cinestar 8, etc.)