What Our Clients Say

  • Alpha Dental Excellence (ADE) currently has (3) separate offices located in different areas of PA & MD. We have been having severe issues with our current network service provider not being able to correctly help us get our current networking issues under control, which in turn, has prevented us from be able to roll out new technologies and applications throughout our offices experiencing multiple month delays. This caused serious frustration among our management staff since we had already made the financial investments in hardware that was just sitting around in addition to updating our marketing materials introducing existing and new patients to some of our new applications and features that were specific to their expected experience when coming into our offices. Needless to say, it was time to begin looking for a new network service provider to help us get back on track with our technology plans.

    We were introduced to Mr. Bryan Bayges of Innovative Technology Holdings (ITH) to discuss our current technology needs in addition to sharing some of our technology growth plans. Mr. Bayges was very knowledgeable with regards to what we needed to do to get back on track and also had some great technology hardware and application suggestions that would allow us to save money while providing all of the features and functionality that were important to us. One of the unique documents that we received from ITH was an actual project plan. We had never received a document like this in our prior experiences and it really showcased the level of detail that was being applied to our project along with level settings timing expectations to completion which was a big plus for us.

    Once we decided to move forward with Mr. Bayges and ITH, a team of engineers were dispatched to all of our offices within the same week to perform a formal evaluation of our network to ensure the project plan was accurate. During this “Discovery Phase”, we were also able to uncover some minor security issues along with really understanding how out of date many of our software programs were with regards to patches and updates.

    The ITH team was able to install (40) new PC’s, install new 32” monitors at each of our patient chair locations, reconfigure our servers so all information is better organized internally, each of the offices are able to communicate with more stability and securely, and deploy a new IP Phone system with all of our desired features and functionality without any impact to business operations. They were very professional while onsite, made sure to clean up their work areas when leaving for the day and were very responsive to answering all of our questions.

    ITH provided comfortability to our entire team regarding our existing technology needs and brought a new sense of confidence that we can look to the future and successfully introduce new technology applications such as patient iPad integration, patient chair VR and an enhanced secure WiFi network for both internal use and patient guest access.

    We highly recommend to any business looking for a knowledgeable, friendly and responsive partner that can be trusted and is capable of providing alternative, new and out-of-the-box ideas. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ITH and its subsidiary company PDI Technologies as our technology plans continue to grow.

    Marie Amato
    Director of Business Operations (Alpha Dental Excellence)
  • We have had the pleasure of being introduced to Mr. Bryan Bayges and Innovative Technology Holdings to discuss a potential business partnership involving very complicated and sophisticated installations of communications, lighting solutions and secured distributed networks. Some colleagues of mine recommended I talk to Bryan Bayges and his young new company, ‘ITH”.

    I was a bit comprehensive with the statement of “young new company”, our needs required international representation and engineering teams on the ground; our projects are not only in the United States but the Philippines, South Africa, India and China.

    Mr. Bayges agreed to bring his team to meet with us in Hawaii, (MODDHA’s home port), and he managed to arrange his team during the holiday season for a meeting to discuss our needs.

    Over the period of a couple of days, we met with Mr. Bayges and his team and we were all impressed with the professionalism, the attention to detail and the experience his team brings to the partnership. We are very pleased and excited to have the opportunity to work with such a well-managed and experienced team.

    MODDHA Interactive is currently working very closely with Mr. Bayges and ITH on several complicated projects that require the utmost in professional representation requiring intensive field engineering along with complicated people and technology integration, we trust ITH to be that partner.

    Bryan Bayges and ITH is currently a very strategic partner for MODDHA in providing various solutions in communications, managed secured network design and installations, integrated security systems and protocols, proprietary communications equipment and design and manufacture, LED integrated lighting solutions and alternative energy applications. Innovative Technology Holdings and their sister company’s PDI Technologies & PDI Energy Solutions has proven to be an asset of MODDHA Interactive and we are very pleased and fortunate to have them as a part of our team.

    Robert Mansur
    SVP Technology & Business Development (MODDHA INTERACTIVE)
  • Mr. Bryan Bayges and his newly established company, Innovative Technology Holdings, was introduced to our organization highly recommended by a trusted and longtime manufacturer partner to Statue Cruises. We currently have been undertaking a large scale, complex outdoor wireless network infrastructure installation project in addition to the design of an upgraded IP Video Surveillance camera project onboard our (10) passenger waterway vessels; (8) Statue Cruises boats and (2) Liberty Landing Ferry boats.

    Mr. Bayges and his engineering team were able to quickly get up to speed regarding our wireless infrastructure installation requirements and was able to prove their value by suggesting alternative equipment and techniques that proved to be both cost effective and technically efficient. Our wireless network contains both a multi-site backhaul ring along with providing client device RF coverage across a large open waterway which sits in between NYC and Jersey City creating a very difficult and congested RF environment to work within. In addition, our IP cameras are accessed by various federal government and police departments mandating that our complete infrastructure is both secure and stable along with requiring any camera to be accessed at any time from any place on any device.

    The entire ITH engineering team has been very flexible, responsive and easy to work with since we established our partnership. Their ability to work within a very complex and congested RF environment has proven to be very beneficial to the success of our project. We would highly recommend ITH to any organization looking for a solid technology partner to grow a long term relationship with, especially any business looking for network design and/or integration assistance in a large complex, high density outdoor environment.

    We look forward to working with ITH and its subsidiary company PDI Technologies as we continue to add IP video cameras onto the network, introduce new applications and services across our entire wired and wireless network infrastructure and begin evaluations into advanced technologies that can add additional security and efficiencies to your business operations.

    Jerry Burchard
    IT Administrator Statue Cruises, (A Hornblower Company)