Specialized Labor Requirements

US Government Clearance (Clearance process managed by ITH 3rd party partner or customer)

  •     Yankee White (project based)
  •     Top Secret
  •     Secret

• Background Checks
• Drug Testing

ITH Global Field Service Offering:

• Administrative Simplicity

  •      All payments and invoicing are processed through ITH’s system as “regular” work in $USD.

• Level 1 Technology Services available in 83 countries
• Data Center and Server Technology Services available in 46 countries
• Licensed Electricians with 100% coverage of the US and Canada

Post- Sales Support

Advanced Technology Planning & Budgeting Services

Reactive Break/Fix Dispatch Services

• Mission critical service delivery with 2-4-8 hour-NBD service operations on a per call basis.
• SLA “flow downs” accepted
• Custom skilled, certified and trained field force capability

Pre-sales Support

• Conference Calls, WebEx & Face-to-Face Meetings
• Pre-Sales Engineering Technical Support
• Professional Project Scope of Work Creation
• Comprehensive Bill of Materials Creation
• Project Financing

Documentation Services

• IT Network Security & Regulatory Compliancy Audit Services
• Project Management Services

Professional Services

• IT Consulting Services
• IT Network Assessment/Troubleshooting Services
• IT Network Design Services
• Predictive Modeling
• Onsite Physical Site Survey’s
• Comprehensive IT Network Design Documentation Services
• IT Network Hardware Staging & Configuration Services
• Remote Off-Site
• On-Site Customer Premise
• IT Network Hardware Installation Services
• Cabling & Power Infrastructure Installation Services
• IT Network Performance, Optimization & Certification Services
• Comprehensive IT Network Performance, Optimization & Certification

Certification Required Services

• Tower Climbers
• Lift Operations