Smart City Solutions

With a partner network and access to over 80,000 technicians and engineers (TS level secure and unsecure resources available) coupled with our deep understanding of global business, technology and energy landscapes, we help accelerate the achievement of you current and future business goals. We will help you better position your organization to respond to today’s business & technology challenges with targeted, advanced solutions that will have an immediate positive impact and can be relied on for many years to come.

Smart Pole Solutions

Composite utility poles are an engineered product. The engineered pole is manufactured in a production plant and exhibits a coefficient of variation of less than 5%. The result is a stronger pole that will maintain its design strength over an extended period of time. Why is this important? The National Electric Safety Code rates steel and composite poles with the same life expectancy. Experts in the composites industry maintain that a composite utility pole will retain 100% of it’s mechanical properties after 80 years of continuous service. Therefore, grid reliability is highly increased and life cycle cost is reduced.


Our composite utility poles have been engineered to outperform wood, steel, and concrete poles and to stand the test of time. Composite utility poles have been vetted for approximately two decades by many utility companies positioned around the globe. Utilities specify and install composite utility poles for their inherent properties including: ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION & TRANSMISSION POLES

  • ITH Proprietary & Confidential Information
  • Light Weight  
  • Corrosion & Rot Resistant
  • Superior Dielectric Strength
  • Unaffected by Woodpeckers & Termites
  • Environmentally Safe, Will Not Leach
  • No Pesticides or Preservatives
  • Lineman Safety  
  • Community Safety
  • RF Communications Friendly
  • Decorative surface options turns any plain round or square pole into an aesthetically pleasing eye catching fixture in any color.

Solar Silo’s Powering Up Smart City Smart Poles COMMUNITIES, TOWNS & CITIES TODAY

  •  High Crime & Drug Trafficking Areas
  •  Major Storm Damaged Areas
  •  Aging Infrastructure & No Technology 


  •  Off-Grid Renewable Energy Solutions
  •  Enhanced Aesthetics, Character & Feel
  •  Net New Revenue Generation Opportunities
  •  Increased Safety & Future Technology Ready

INNOVATION Attractive On/Off-Grid Solar Power combined with vendor neutral advanced needed today in order to support your smart city initiatives & strategies of tomorrow. About The

• Light Weight

• Unaffected by Woodpeckers & Termites

• Lineman Safety

• Superior Dielectric Strength

• No Pesticides or Preservatives

• RF Communications Friendly

• Up To 45ft at 10” Diameter

• Custom Colors & Decorative Molds Available

Technology Inside

Ready To Support

• 5G Cellular & Small Cell

• FirstNet Initiative

• Automated Vehicle Driving

• WiFi/Wireless

• Video Surveillance w/ Advance Analytics

• Digital Signage/Monitors

• Electric Vehicle Charging