Vendor Neutrality Approach

ITH Proprietary & Confidential Information

ITH is a global multi-vendor, best of breed technology solution provider. This is a key differentiator between our approach of selecting the best technology solution that aligns properly with our clients technical needs and budget constraints. Many other providers tend to pitch single vendor solutions that align with their own personal corporate strategies. We put our partners and clients needs first!

Multi-Technology Solution Provider

ITH is poised to be your total solution provider. Our 20+ years experience in advanced total solution engineering design and deployment in both indoor and outdoor environments across all vertical market industries enables us to quickly adapt and develop solutions within an ever changing dynamic technology world. These solutions can encompass but are not limited to; 1.) energy efficient lighting to save OPEX, 2.) a private WiFi network to support smart parking meter and utility meter reading without the need to dispatch truck rolls, 3.) a Police Department deployment of a high speed 1st responder network that interfaces with patrol vehicle in-car video systems and the officer’s body cameras, and/or 4.) enhanced 5G multi-carrier cellular integration.

ITH has the engineering expertise to make the most complex projects a reality today!